Gas Purifiers

We offer a full range of gas purifiers. We offer both aluminium, polycarbonate and glass bodied traps for hydrocarbon, moisture and oxygen removal. We also have a range of self regenerating gas purifiers for years of trouble free operation.

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AA Gas Purifier

The Parker Balston AA (Atomic Absorption) purifiers are a complete wall mount system with carefully matched components engineered for easy installation, operation and long term reliability. They are engineered to purify standard compressed air (oxidant) into a safe supply of clean dry air. They also remove liquid acetone from the acetylene which increases in quantity as the cylinder volume is reduced during use. Ideal for all AA installations the purifier protects the microcomputer gas controls and AA burner assembly from contamination and corrosion.


All in One Purifiers

These layered bed, multi-purpose trap is designed to remove oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide from gas streams. This 750cc unit will take the place of three separate traps, simplifying installation and reducing the number of potential leak sites that contribute to the aspiration of contaminants into the system. End fittings are stainless steel Swagelok™ fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits.

Hydrocarbon Traps

These hydrocarbon traps utilize a very high surface area activated carbon. These refillable traps are available in several configurations. The standard model contains 200cc of filtering medium. For highly critical applications such as carrier gas lines in gas chromatography and GC/MS we offer 100cc and 750cc units that feature one piece spun aluminium bodies and are helium purged prior to shipment. Each Swagelok™ end fitting includes a 40 micron stainless steel frit.

Moisture Traps

These moisture traps utilize polycarbonate bodies, more inert and resistant to infusion than the acrylic used by other manufacturers. These traps are refillable and available in three sizes with three different adsorbent combinations. The ends are provided with Swagelok™ tube fittings. Each end fitting includes a 40 micron sintered stainless steel frit.

Oxygen Traps

The Velocity oxygen traps are ideal for use in gas chromatography and GC/MS. These traps utilize a one-piece spun aluminium body and Swagelok™ end fittings making them pressure rated to 250 psi. Each fitting incorporates a 40 micron stainless steel frit for particulate control.

Self Regenerating Gas Purifiers

GasTrap is a self-regenerating purifier for chromatography gases (Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen and air).

It is an intelligent, compact device which selectively filters out contaminant gases:

  • Carbon Dioxide – Eliminate CO2 from supply gas to the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers, improve sensitivity and accuracy in TOC analysis.
  • Oxygen – Prevent oxidation of GC column, septum, liner and glass wool.
  • Moisture – Deliver faster stabilization times for increased GC productivity and prevent hydrolization damage to the stationary phase, column, liner, glass wool or septum in the GC.
  • Hydrocarbons – Remove organic compounds and ensure correct performance of FID detectors in GC.
  • GC/MS – Faster stabilization times for increased GC productivity, remove oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons from the carrier gas for MS applications and provide complete GC column protection.

GasTrap can potentially save $3000 per gas chromatograph and effectively pay for itself within six months. Disposal of filters is dramatically reduced at the same time as saving money using lower grade gases.

GasTrap operates automatically for TEN years with no servicing or consumables required.


SGT Cartridge Purifiers

Cartridge systems make changing gas filters quick and easy. A base plate allows cartridges to be exchanged without introducing oxygen. Spring‐loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place.There is no longer a need for loosening and tightening filters every time a trap is changed. To purchase simply select the filter (or filters) you want and the correct baseplate and away you go, alternatively you can purchase one of the kits which include both the baseplate and traps in one convenient kit. 


SGT Click Purifiers

Click-On Inline Super-CleanTM Traps are inline traps designed with Click-On adaptor connectors which allows inline cartridges to be exchanged without introducing oxygen. Spring loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place. There is no need for loosening and tightening fittings every time a trap is changed and your system will not become contaminated during the process.