SGT Cartridge Purifiers

Product Code: VEL00462

SGT Cartridge Style Gas Purifiers

Cartridge systems make changing gas filters quick and easy. A base plate allows cartridges to be exchanged without introducing oxygen. Spring‐loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place.There is no longer a need for loosening and tightening filters every time a trap is changed. To purchase simply select the filter (or filters) you want and the correct baseplate and away you go, alternatively you can purchase one of the kits which include both the baseplate and traps in one convenient kit. For technical specifications and help with selecting part numbers please download the SGT Cartridge brochure above.


 SGT Super CleanTM Filter and Base plate Kits

SGT Gas Purifier

Description Part Number
Brass Fittings SS Fittings
  SGT 1 Triple Filter Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1010-B4 SGT-B1010-S4
  SGT 1 Triple Filter Kit - 1/8"Fittings SGT-B1010-B8 SGT-B1010-S8
  SGT 1 Triple He specific Filter Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1011-B4 SGT-B1011-S4
  SGT 1 Triple He specific Filter Kit - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B1011-B8 SGT-B1011-S8
  SGT 1 Triple H2 specific Filter Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1012-B4 SGT-B1012-S4
  SGT 1 Triple H2 specific Filter Kit - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B1012-B8 SGT-B1012-S8
  SGT 2 Combi Filters Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1020-B4 SGT-B1020-S4
  SGT 2 Combi Filters Kit - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B1020-B8 SGT-B1020-S8
  SGT High Flow Hydrocarbon Filter Kit - 1/4" SGT-B1021-B4 SGT-B1021-S4
  SGT High Flow Moisture Filter Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1022-B4 SGT-B1022-S4
  SGT 3 Filters Kit - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B1030-B4 SGT-B1030-S4
  SGT 3 Filters Kit - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B1030-B8 SGT-B1030-S8
  SGT 4 Filters Kit - 1/4"Fittings SGT-B1040-B4 SGT-B1040-S4
  SGT 4 Filters Kit - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B1040-B8 SGT-B1040-S8

SGT Super CleanTM Filter Baseplates

SGT Baseplate

Description Part Number
Brass Fittings SS Fittings
  SGT 1 Position Baseplate - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B0010-B4 SGT-B0010-S4
  SGT 1 Position Baseplate - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B0010-B8 SGT-B0010-S8
  SGT 2 Position Baseplate - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B0020-B4 SGT-B0020-S8
  SGT 2 Position Baseplate - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B0020-B8 SGT-B0020-S8
  SGT 2 Position High Flow Baseplate - 1/4" SGT-B0021-B4 SGT-B0021-S4
  SGT 3 Position Baseplate - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B0030-B4 SGT-B0030-S4
  SGT 3 Position Baseplate - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B0030-B8 SGT-B0030-S8
  SGT 4 Position Baseplate - 1/4" Fittings SGT-B0040-B4 SGT-B0040-S4
  SGT 4 Position Baseplate - 1/8" Fittings SGT-B0040-B8 SGT-B0040-S8


SGT Super CleanTM Replacement Cartridges

SGT Baseplate Filters

Description Part Number
 SGT Moisture Filter SGT-F0101
 SGT Oxygen Filter SGT-F0102
 SGT Hydrocarbon Filter  SGT-F0103
 SGT Hydrocarbon with AT Indicator SGT-F0104
 SGT Combi (Hydrocarbon/Moisture) Filter SGT-F0201
 SGT Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Filter SGT-F0301
 SGT Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) with AT Indicator SGT-F0303
 SGT Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Helium Specific SGT-F0302
 SGT Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) H2 Specific  SGT-F0304
 SGT High Flow Hydrocarbon Bundle (2 Traps) SGT-F0720
 SGT High Flow Indicating Hydrocarbon Bundle (2 Traps) SGT-F0722
 SGT High Flow Moisture Filter Bundle (2 Traps)  SGT-F0721

SGT Super CleanTM Particulate Filter for LCMS

SGT Particulate Filter

Description Part Number
 Particle Filters for LCMS  
 SGT 0.5um Particle Filter with 1/4" Brass Fitting B0060
 SGT 0.5um Replacement Particle Filter Element. 12 Pack B0065

SGT Super CleanTM Fittings

SGT Fittings

Description Part Number
 SGT Super CleanTM Baseplate Fittings for LCMS  
 SGT High Flow Connector Set - 1/4" Brass. 6 Pack B0124
 SGT High Flow Connector Set - 1/4" Stainless Steel. 6 Pack B0125
 SGT Super CleanTM Baseplate Fittings for GCMS  
 SGT Connector Set 1/4" Brass. 6 Pack B0120
 SGT Connector Set 1/8" Brass. 6 Pack B0121
 SGT Connector Set 1/4" Stainless Steel. 6 Pack B0122
 SGT Connector Set 1/8" Stainless Steel. 6 Pack B0123