All in One Purifiers

Product Code: VEL00437

Velocity Excelasorb All in one Gas Purifiers

excelasorbgaspurifierVThis layered bed, multi-purpose trap is designed to remove oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide from gas streams. This 750cc unit will take the place of three separate traps, simplifying installation and reducing the number of potential leak sites that contribute to the aspiration of contaminants into the system. End fittings are stainless steel Swagelok™ fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits.


  Reduction Capacity
 Oxygen   1,200mg
 Moisture   46g
 Hydrocarbon   30g
 Carbon Dioxide   100g
 Dimensions (L x D) 445 x 61mm
 Pressure Rating 250 psi

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Helium 1/4" Fittings TTE-750-4
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Helium  1/8" Fittings TTE-750-2
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Hydrogen  1/4" Fittings  TTE-750-4-H
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Hydrogen 1/8" Fittings TTE-750-2-H
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Nitrogen 1/4" Fittings TTE-750-4-N
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Nitrogen 1/8" Fittings TTE-750-2-N
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Air 1/4" Fittings TTE-750-4-A
 Excelasorb Multi-Purpose Purifier - Air 1/8" Fittings TTE-750-2-A


Vici Metronics Gas Purifiers

Vici Metronics Gas PurifiersVici Metronics gas purifiers dramatically reduce contaminant levels and absorb a greater variety of contaminants than other gas purification products. Advanced materials and design features guarantee that the modules will produce gases that are at least a factor of ten higher than a 99.9999% "chromatography grade" cylinder of gas when the purifier is supplied by a 99.995% cylinder. The cost difference between the two grades of gas will pay for the cost of the gas purifier several times over during its operating life.

  • Original equipment in Agilient® Mass Spec and LC Mass Spec
  • Provide point-of-use gas purification of helium, hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or air
  • Reduce gas impurities from high PPM to low PPB levels
  • Decrease baseline noise and increase GC/MS sensitivity
  • Replace three traps with one purifier

 Ordering Information

Description Part Number
 1/4" Fittings 1/8" Fittings 
 VICI Helium Purifier P100-2 P100-1
 VICI Hydrogen Purifier P200-2 P200-1
 VICI Nitrogen Purifier P300-2   P300-1
 VICI Air Purifier P400-2 P400-1
 VICI Methane (Chemical Ionization) Purifier P500-2 P500-1
 VICI Carbon Dioxide (Gas) Purifier P600-2 P600-1
 VICI Moisture Trap T100-2 T100-1
 VICI Hydrocarbon Trap T200-2 T200-1
 VICI Mercury Trap  T700-2 T700-1
 VICI Nitrogen Gas Purifier for LCMS P310-2  P310-1
 VICI Helium Gas Purifier for GCMS  P100-2 P100-1