Velocity offer a wide range of filters for everyday laboratory situations. Our range includes fitlers for removing particulates from liquids as well as inline air filters for instrumernts and field sampling equipment.

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Membrane Filters

We offer a wide variety of filter materials including pre-filter membranes, as well as hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials, in a variety of formats to suit your product or application needs. Precut membranes include Nylon, Cellulose Acetate, PVDF, PES, Nitrocellose and PTFE.  All are available in sizes ranging from 13mm to 142mm. 

Point of Use Air Filter


Prevent unwanted oil contamination of your equipment from poor quality compressed air with our prefilter setup. this point of use filter bank is perfect for cleaning up and regulating compressed air/gas supply into a wide range of laboratory instrumentation.
Setup includes:
  • Isolation Valve
  • Pressure Regulator
  • 5micron particulate filter
  • 0.01 micron particulate filter
  • Activated Carbon Element
  • 1/4” BSP Inlet and Outlet

Syringe Filters

Our syringe filters are designed for efficient and cost-effective rapid filtration of almost any solution prior to analysis, and are optimized for superior flow rates and highthoughput. We offer a wide variety of membranes ideal for any application. The housing attaches to any standard Luer lock syringe, so the sample can easily be pushed through the membrane with minimal pressure. The result is a particulate-free eluent that is ready for use with HPLC, GC, or other analytical techniques.

Vacuum Pump Filters

Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters remove 99.9% of 0.1 micron oil mist and smoke particles. Balston Grade 30 Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters remove 90% of all 0.1 micron particles and droplets. Balston Grade 102 Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters prevent oil backstreaming from the pump to the evacuated chamber and protect the pump from damage by submicron particles (at relatively low concentrations). All Balston filters are available for hazardous and non-hazardous applications and offer superior chemical and solvent resistance. Balston Vacuum Pump Filters increase productivity by eliminating costly shutdown time and maintenance