SiliCycle MiniBlock:

6-Positions (40mL), 12-Positions (20mL), 24-Positions (10mL) and 48-Positions (4mL).
SiliCycle MiniBlock is a flexible, easy-to-use tool that maximizes the productivity of synthetic chemists while reducing development time. It is the only compact parallel synthesizer that allows synthesis via solid or solution-phase as well as purification to be carried out on the same platform.

SiliCycle MiniBlock XT:

6-Positions (110mL), 12-Positions (55mL), 24-Positions (18mL) and 48-Positions (11.5mL).
The SiliCycle MiniBlock XT is an easy-to-operate system designed for parallel synthesis and screening reactions. Applications include synthesis of small organic molecules, optimization of critical process parameters, and screening for optimal reaction conditions. It is ideal for applications supported by statistical Design of Experiments (DoE)

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