Oxygen Traps

Product Code: VEL00436

Velocity Non-Indicating Oxygen Traps

nonindO2purifierVThe Velocity oxygen traps are ideal for use in gas chromatography and GC/MS. These traps utilize a one-piece spun aluminium body and Swagelok™ end fittings making them pressure rated to 250 psi. Each fitting incorporates a 40 micron stainless steel frit for particulate control.


  100cc Trap 750cc Trap
 Oxygen Capacity 450mg 3,200mg
 Oxygen Removal Efficiency    
 Dimensions ( L x D) 286 x 32mm 445 x 61mm
 Pressure Rating 250 psi 250 psi

Ordering Information 

Description Part Number
 1/4" Fittings 1/8" Fittings  1/2" Fittings 
 Non-Indicating Oxygen Trap, 100cc TTO-100-4 TTO-100-2  -
 Non-Indicating Oxygen Trap, 750cc TTO-750-4 TTO-750-2  TTO-750-8
 Mounting Clip for 100cc Trap TTC-2
 Mounting Clip for 750cc Trap TTC-5


Velocity Indicating Oxygen Traps

Indicating Oxygen TrapsThese glass-bodied traps utilize a nonhazardous material that reduces oxygen levels to less than 1 ppb. This indicating adsorbent changes colour from a light green to black as it adsorbs oxygen. Either of these traps is ideal as an indicator installed down stream of s Non-Indicating Oxygen trap This allows high capacity removal of oxygen with the benefit of an indicator to alert the user of saturation of the primary trap. End fittings are nickel plated Swagelok™ with 40 micron stainless steel frits.

Colour Change

Indicating Oxygen Traps Colour Change



  50cc Trap 150cc Trap
  Oxygen Capacity 50mg 150mg
  Oxygen Removal Efficiency    
  Dimensions ( L x D) 242 x 29mm 242 x 38mm
  Pressure Rating 100 psi 100 psi

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
1/4" Fittings 1/8" Fittings
 Indicating Oxygen Trap, 50cc TTIO-50-4 TTIO-50-2
 Indicating Oxygen Trap, 150cc TTIO-150-4 TTIO-150-2
 Mounting Clip for 50cc Trap TTC-1
 Mounting Clip for 150cc Trap TTC-3