LN65 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Product Code: VELO00610

Noblegen LN65 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

GALLERY4Producing 65 L/Day of liquid nitrogen on site these generators remove the hassle and reliance on external suppliers to provide you with your liquid nitrogen needs. 

The Noblegen Liquid Nitrogen Generator LN Range is designed to supply a volume of pure, clean liquid nitrogen at a pre-determined flow rate per day. The Generator is designed for 24 hour use and is powered from a mains supply of 220v 50/60Hz and a maximum running power of 3kw. Other voltages found inside the enclosure are single phase 230v and 24v d.c. for instruments. The rated voltage of the Generator is marked clearly on the serial plate which can be found on the outside of the enclosure next to the mains inlet socket. The Liquid system incorporates a PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator which uses the Pressure Swing Adsorption technique which utilises an activated Carbon sieve to trap oxygen, and allows the dry nitrogen to pass through it pores. At the end of a pre-determined period the oxygen is released from the sieve and then pressurisation period can re-start to generate once again. The process is totally equalising, this means that although nitrogen flows from the outlet, oxygen vents to atmosphere preventing the risk of an oxygen depleted atmosphere. Once the nitrogen gas is at the correct purity and –60°c dew-point the cold-head will switch on and start to produce liquid nitrogen which is then stored inside the internal dewar. This liquid nitrogen can then be dispensed into other dewars using the vacuum insulated dispensing hose supplied.


  • Twin cubicle design 
  • On wheels for ease of installation 
  • Water chilled nitrogen gas 
  • Oil free air compressor 
  • Built in nitrogen PSA 
  • Built in oxygen analyser with alarm 
  • Vacuum prevention system on liquid dewar 
  • Pressure boost for liquid dispense


  • NMR, Sample Storage
  • Superconductivity
  • IVF
  • Cryogenics,
  • Cryopreservation