Fortis Technologies Fortis UniverSil C18 Fortis UniverSil C18 HPLC Columns.. Product #: VEL00496

Fortis UniverSil C18

Fortis UniverSil C18

Product Code: VEL00496

Fortis UniverSil HPLC Columns

Fortis UniverSilFortis UniverSil HPLC columns are a suitable economical alternative to many of the older brands on the marketplace from Alltech, Macherey-Nagel, Hypersil and Waters. Many of the phases have very similar physical characteristics meaning that UniverSil will provide similar selectivity and resolution as your current chromatography. Use UniverSil to upgrade your method in terms of peak shape, robustness and reproducibility or just to provide an economical back-up to your current column. UniverSil silica is a new type B silica meaning improved peak shape and improved lifetime.

Fortis UniverSil HPLC Columns
  UniverSil C18  UniverSil HS C18
 Base Material Silica Gel
 Particle Sizes Available 3, 5um
 Pore Size 140A 100A 
 Surface Area 175m2/g  325m2/g
 USP Code L1
 Carbon Load 11%  16%


 Column Cross Reference

Column UniverSil Alternative
 Alltech® Alltima UniverSil HS C18
 Alltech® ODS2 UniverSil C18
 Alltech® Exsil® C18 UniverSil C18
 Genesis® ODS UniverSil HS C18
 Hypersil® HS UniverSil HS C18
 Hypersil® ODS UniverSil C18
 Hypersil® BDS UniverSil C18
 Inertsil® ODS2 UniverSil HS C18
 Kromasil® C18 UniverSil HS C18
 Lichrosphere® RP18 UniverSil HS C18
 Nucleosil® 100 C18 UniverSil HS C18
 Nucleosil® 120 C18 UniverSil C18
 Pinnacle® C18 UniverSil C18
 Spherisorb® ODS1 UniverSil C18
 Spherisorb® ODS2 UniverSil C18
 Symmetry® C18 UniverSil HS C18
 Supelcosil® LC18 UniverSil C18
 Zorbax® Rx-C18 UniverSil C18
 Zorbax® C18 UniverSil HS C18


Ordering Information

Particle Size Column Description Part Number
5um 250x4.6mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-050905
5um 150x4.6mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-050705
5um 100x4.6mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-050505
5um 50x4.6mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-050305
5um 250x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040905
5um 150x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040705
5um 125x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040605
5um 100x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040505
5um 75x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040405
5um 50x4.0mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-040305
5um 150 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 5µm U18-030705
5um 100 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 5µm U18-030505
5um 50 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 5µm U18-030305
5um 150x2.1mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-020705
5um 100x2.1mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-020505
5um 50x2.1mm UniverSil C18 5um U18-020305
3um 150x4.6mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-050703
3um 100x4.6mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-050503
3um 50x4.6mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-050303
3um 150x4.0mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-040703
3um 125x4.0mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-040603
3um 100x4.0mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-040503
3um 75x4.0mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-040403
3um 50x4.0mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-040303
3um 150 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 3µm U18-030703
3um 100 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 3µm U18-030503
3um 50 x 3.0mm UniverSil C18 3µm U18-030303
3um 150x2.1mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-020703
3um 100x2.1mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-020503
3um 50x2.1mm UniverSil C18 3um U18-020303
5um 250x4.6mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-050905
5um 150x4.6mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-050705
5um 100x4.6mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-050505
5um 50x4.6mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-050305
5um 250x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040905
5um 150x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040705
5um 125x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040605
5um 100x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040505
5um 75x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040405
5um 50x4.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-040305
5um 150 x 3.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5µm UHS18-030705
5um 100 x 3.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5µm UHS18-030505
5um 50 x 3.0mm UniverSil HS C18 5µm UHS18-030305
5um 150x2.1mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-020705
5um 100x2.1mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-020505
5um 50x2.1mm UniverSil HS C18 5um UHS18-020305