Fortis Technologies Fortis Diphenyl Fortis Diphenyl HPLC Columns.. Product #: VEL00484

Fortis Diphenyl

Fortis Diphenyl

Product Code: VEL00484

Fortis Diphenyl HPLC Columns

Fortis Diphenyl is a unique di-phenyl bonding which allows the separation of metabolites and complex mixtures. Based on a unique di-phenyl functionality allows the analyst three controlled mechanisms in order to separate complex metabolities and mixtures.

Fortis Technologies Diphenyl


 Main Characteristics

  •  Unique alkyl chain diphenyl functionality
  • No MS "bleed"
  •  Increased selectivity, 3 interaction mechanisms
  •  Separate positional isomers
Fortis Technologies Diphenyl HPLC Columns
 Base Material Silica Gel
 Particle Sizes Available 1.7, 2.5, 3, 5, 10um
 Pore Size  
 Surface Area 380m2/g
 pH Range  
 USP Code L11
 Carbon Load 13%


Positional Isomers

 Fortis Diphenyl's unique selectivity allows the separation of positional isomers, metabolites and other closely related substances.

Fortis Technologies Diphenyl application

2 - Hydroxyestradiol

4 - Hydroxyestradiol

Column: Diphenyl 150x4.6mm 5u

Mobile Phase: 40 : 60 H2O : MeOH

Flow Rate: 1ml/min

Wavelength: 210nm






Ordering Information

Particle Size Description Part Number
5um 250x4.6mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-050905
5um 150x4.6mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-050705
5um 100x4.6mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-050505
5um 50x4.6mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-050305
5um 250x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040905
5um 150x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040705
5um 125x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040605
5um 100x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040505
5um 75x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040405
5um 50x4.0mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-040305
5um 150 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Diphenyl FPH-030705
5um 100 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Diphenyl FPH-030505
5um 50 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Diphenyl FPH-030305
5um 30x3.0mm Fortis Pace 5um Diphenyl FPH-030205
5um 150x2.1mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-020705
5um 100x2.1mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-020505
5um 50x2.1mm Fortis 5um Diphenyl FPH-020305
5um 30x2.1mm Fortis Pace 5µm Diphenyl FPH-020205
3um 250x4.6mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-050903
3um 150x4.6mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-050703
3um 100x4.6mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-050503
3um 50x4.6mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-050303
3um 30x4.6mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-050203
3um 250x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040903
3um 150x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040703
3um 125x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040603
3um 100x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040503
3um 75x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040403
3um 50x4.0mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-040303
3um 150 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Diphenyl FPH-030703
3um 100 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Diphenyl FPH-030503
3um 50 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Diphenyl FPH-030303
3um 30x3.0mm Fortis Pace 3um Diphenyl FPH-030203
3um 150x2.1mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-020703
3um 100x2.1mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-020503
3um 50x2.1mm Fortis 3um Diphenyl FPH-020303
3um 30x2.1mm Fortis Pace 3µm Diphenyl FPH-020203
3um 20x2.1mm Fortis Pace 3µm Diphenyl FPH-020103
2.5um 150x4.6mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-050702
2.5um 100x4.6mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-050502
2.5um 50x4.6mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-050302
2.5um 150 x 3.0mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5µm FPH-030702
2.5um 100 x 3.0mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5µm FPH-030502
2.5um 50 x 3.0mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5µm FPH-030302
2.5um 30x3.0mm Fortis Pace Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-030202
2.5um 100x2.1mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-020502
2.5um 50x2.1mm Fortis Diphenyl 2.5um FPH-020302
2.5um 30x2.1mm Fortis Pace Diphenyl 2.5µm FPH-020202
2.5um 20x2.1mm Fortis Pace Diphenyl 2.5µm FPH-020102
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 100x4.6mm Diphenyl FPH-050501
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 50x4.6mm Diphenyl FPH-050301
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 30x4.6mm Diphenyl FPH-050201
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 150 x 3.0mm Diphenyl FPH-030701