Fortis Technologies Fortis Cyano Fortis Cyano HPLC Columns.. Product #: VEL00505

Fortis Cyano

Fortis Cyano

Product Code: VEL00505

Fortis Cyano HPLC Columns

Fortis Cyano SpecificationsFortis Cyano allows the use of aqueous reversed phase conditions to provide less retention for compounds too heavily retained on C18 phases. However, it can also be used in normal phase mode to retain and separate polar compounds. Cyano columns are particularly useful for polar analytes.

 Main Characteristics

  • Retention of Polar Compounds
  • Alternative Selectivity
  • Normal Phase or Reversed Phase Solvent Systems
  • Rapid Equilibration


Fortis Technologies Cyano HPLC Columns
 Base Material Silica Gel
 Particle Sizes Available 1.7, 3, 5um
 Pore Size
 Surface Area 380m2/g
 pH Range
 USP Code L10
 Carbon Load 7%


Ordering Information

Particle Size Description Part Number
5um 250x4.6mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-050905
5um 150x4.6mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-050705
5um 100x4.6mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-050505
5um 50x4.6mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-050305
5um 250x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040905
5um 150x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040705
5um 125x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040605
5um 100x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040505
5um 75x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040405
5um 50x4.0mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-040305
5um 150 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Cyano FCN-030705
5um 100 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Cyano FCN-030505
5um 50 x 3.0mm Fortis 5µm Cyano FCN-030305
5um 30x3.0mm Fortis Pace 5um Cyano FCN-030205
5um 150x2.1mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-020705
5um 100x2.1mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-020505
5um 50x2.1mm Fortis 5um Cyano FCN-020305
5um 30x2.1mm Fortis Pace 5µm Cyano FCN-020205
3um 250x4.6mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-050903
3um 150x4.6mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-050703
3um 100x4.6mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-050503
3um 50x4.6mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-050303
3um 30x4.6mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-050203
3um 250x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040903
3um 150x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040703
3um 125x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040603
3um 100x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040503
3um 75x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040403
3um 50x4.0mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-040303
3um 150 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Cyano FCN-030703
3um 100 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Cyano FCN-030503
3um 50 x 3.0mm Fortis 3µm Cyano FCN-030303
3um 30x3.0mm Fortis Pace 3um Cyano FCN-030203
3um 150x2.1mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-020703
3um 100x2.1mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-020503
3um 50x2.1mm Fortis 3um Cyano FCN-020303
3um 30x2.1mm Fortis Pace 3µm Cyano FCN-020203
3um 20x2.1mm Fortis Pace 3µm Cyano FCN-020103
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 100x4.6mm Cyano FCN-050501
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 50x4.6mm   Cyano FCN-050301
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 30x4.6mm   Cyano FCN-050201
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 150 x 3.0mm Cyano FCN-030701
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 100 x 3.0mm Cyano FCN-030501
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 50 x 3.0mm Cyano FCN-030301
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 30 x 3.0mm Cyano FCN-030201
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 150x2.1mm Cyano FCN-020701
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 100x2.1mm   Cyano FCN-020501
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 50x2.1mm   Cyano FCN-020301
1.7um 1.7um Fortis 30x2.1mm   Cyano FCN-020201