MIDIGAS PSA Nitrogen Generators

Brand: Parker
Product Code: VEL00433

 Nitrosource Compact 1000x1000 zmNITROSource Compact PSA Nitrogen Generators

With unique design the marketWith unique design the marketleading NITROSource Compactnitrogen gas generator requiresless compressed air to generatemore nitrogen.Together with substantiallylower servicing costs, reduceddowntime and a longer workinglife, it adds up to the mostcost-efficient nitrogen supplyavailable; significantly moreaffordable than traditionalsources, and delivering hugesavings over the lifetime of thegenerator.With over 20 years experiencein the market, and over 50,000units installed globally, Parkeris first choice for innovativeand reliable gas generationtechnology.


  • Innovative modular system specifically for multiple LC/MS and centralised supply applications
  • Produces a continuous stream of high purity analytical grade nitrogen 24 hours a day
  • Integral automatic economy mode and continuous purity monitoring