Parker NITROSource Nitrogen Generator Parker NITROSource Nitrogen Generators  How much do you rely on nitrogen? It’s a vital element of p.. Product #: VEL00432

NITROSource Nitrogen Generator

NITROSource Nitrogen Generator

Brand: Parker
Product Code: VEL00432

Parker NITROSource Nitrogen Generators 

VGAF NITROSource2 300x604How much do you rely on nitrogen? It’s a vital element of production for a huge range of businesses, from foods and material processing to pharmaceuticals and electronics. It’s also a significant cost component. But now there’s a new way of thinking about nitrogen – a Parker Domnick Hunter NITROSource Nitrogen Generator as a source of increased productivity, sustainability and above all, profitability.

Continuous supply, ultimate reliability, competitive advantage

When you switch to gas generation with Parker domnick hunter’s NITROSource, you can expect payback within six to 24 months, depending on your existing arrangements and consumption. But you’re also making an investment in quality through uninterrupted supply, stable gas pressure, consistent flow and guaranteed purity. It’s a golden opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Lowest total lifetime cost

With unique design and advanced Energy Saving Technology at its core, the market leading NITROSource on-site generator requires less compressed air to generate more nitrogen than other solutions. Which translates into reduced energy consumption. Together with substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime and a longer working life, it adds up to the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available; Significantly more affordable than traditional sources, and delivering huge savings over the lifetime of the generator.

Highest efficiency, highest output nitrogen gas generator

Developed through extensive research and design, utilising the latest flow modelling technology, materials and controls system, NITROSource is the highest efficiency nitrogen generator. Using less compressed air, it produces nitrogen at the lowest unit cost.

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)

NITROSource employs the most robust, highest efficiency CMS – the material that removes the oxygen from the compressed air stream. This is the ‘engine’ of the generator, and the source of valuable performance benefits: more gas for less compressed air, reducing energy consumption; a very long working life –saving money on replacements; and less CMS per unit of gas produced, enabling a more compact unit.

Industry compliance, food and pharmaceutical safe

  • Produces pharmaceutical and food grade nitrogen gas in accordance with European statute.
  • Manufactured from materials that are safe for gas contact with pharmaceutical and food products, in line with the USA Food & Drugs Administration Article 21 (FDA Article 21).

Unique Energy Saving Technology (EST)

Dramatically reduces compressed air consumption and energy cost, by ensuring that the inlet compressed air flow is always exactly matched to the nitrogen gas outlet flow and purity.

Gas quality control system

Designed with five key components at its heart, NITROSource offers the assurance of the correct quality gas at all times. Components include

  • Mass Flow Controller – removing the risk of any over-flow or compromise in nitrogen purity.
  • Integral Oxygen Analyser – constantly measures the oxygen content in the output gas stream, ensuring that it is within the set limits and the correct purity gas is delivered.
  • Off-Gas-By-Pass – ensures that the correct gas purity is always delivered to the application, by automatically allowing out-of-specification gas to vent to the atmosphere during start up, or in the unusual event of a fault.
  • Inlet and outlet pressure regulation – guarantees the correct compressed air-inlet and nitrogen gas-outlet pressures, ensuring maximum operating efficiency and safeguarding both equipment and product from potential damage or spoilage.
  • Purpose designed electronic control system – ensures the correct quality, pressure and flow of nitrogen, through 100% control of all critical generator functions, including economy control, monitoring outputs and alarms.