Vici Valco PLOT Columns PLOT Columns.. Product #: VEL00208

PLOT Columns

PLOT Columns

Brand: Vici Valco
Product Code: VEL00208

ValcoPLOT Capillary Columns

gc1Reduce run time by replacing packed columns with ValcoPLOT HayeSep capillary PLOT columns. VP-Hayesep columns feature the widest polarity range, are faster than micropacked columns, and are water tolerant. Characteristics are identical to HayeSep packed columns. We also offer Alumina and Molesieve PLOT columns.

  • Unique HayeSep phases
  • Alumina with KCl or Na2S04 deactivation

Phases Available

  • VP-Alumina   Aluminum oxide with KCl or Na2So4 deactivation
  • VP-Molesieve   Molesieve 5Å, metal or fused silica
  • VP-HayeSep A   High purity Divinylbenzene/ethyleneglycoldimethacrylate
  • VP-HayeSep B   Divinylbenzene/polyethyleneimine
  • VP-HayeSep C   Divinylbenzene/acrylonitrile
  • VP-HayeSep D   High purity Divinylbenzene
  • VP-HayeSep N   Divinylbenzene/ethyleneglycoldimethacrylate
  • VP-HayeSep P   Divinylbenzene/styrene
  • VP-HayeSep Q   Divinylbenzene
  • VP-HayeSep R   Divinylbenzene/N-vinyl-2-pyrollidinone
  • VP-HayeSep S   Divinylbenzene/4-vinyl-pyridine