Vogtlin Variable area Flowmeters Our proven Q-Flow is a modern VA-flowmeter for gases built on the variable area principle. Designed.. Product #: VEL00519

Variable area Flowmeters

Variable area Flowmeters

Brand: Vogtlin
Product Code: VEL00519

Measuring Tubes in 3 Sizes

The flow meters are available with three different glass tube lengths.

Measuring ranges from 0.04 ln/h up to 5000 ln/h for Air @ 1.21 bara / 20°C
Maximum pressure: 20 bar / Maximum temperature: 100°C


Intelligent Instrument Design

The compact and attractive design enables quick replacement of components

Measuring Tube Scales

In addition to mm scales with flow rate table, glass tubes with direct reading or custom scales are available

Aluminium or Stainless Steel

The bodies are available in aluminium or stainless steel. Sealing materials FKM or EPDM

Tightly closing precision control valves

The devices are equipped with precise, hysteresis-free 15-way control valves. Different rotary knobs are available:
  • Standard knob
  • Standard knob and locking ring
  • Hex socket and locking nut instead of standard knob