Battery Powered Digital Flowmeters

Brand: Vogtlin
Product Code: VEL00517

Touch Technology

The touch display offers intuitive navigation. The many variables that make the unit flexible are easily accessible. Automatic display adjustment thanks to position sensor 


Independent Operation

The red-y compact mass flow meters are powered with a standard AA battery.
Optional 24 Vdc and Micro-USB power supply available 

USB Enabled

The red-y compact measurements instruments can be powered with any common Micro-USB power supply (DIN62684). Device updates can be performed using the USB interface  

High Accuracy & Dynamics

The devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range:
Accuracy up to ± 1% of full scale
(depending on application/measuring range)
Turndown ratio 1 : 100

Extended Alarm Functions

The red-y compact 2 series provides 3 configurable alarms. The following triggers are available:
Low alarm, high alarm, window alarm and totalizer alarm
The alarms can be configured with different parameters:
Normally open, normally closed, hysteresis, auto/manual/remote reset, delay and alarm duration

» Technical datasheet alarm module red-y compact 2 series

 MEMS Sensor
The MEMS semiconductor chip is the centerpiece of the thermal mass flow meter.
Analog-digital conversion takes place in the sensor


In addition to the actual flow, the total consumption is displayed. Ideal for gas consumption measurements

1 Device – Multiple Gases

One red-y compact measuring device can be used for up to 3 different gases or gas mixtures

Wide Choice of Flow Units

Choose between a large number of standardized and normalized flow units of the Imperial, US customary and SI measuring systems (with user adjustable reference conditions).
The units are selectable from the integrated menu both for the actual flow and the totalized flow

Password Protection

To avoid unauthorised change of settings, the menu of the new red-y compact can be locked with a password

High-precision Valve

In the red-y compact regulator / all-in versions with manual valves, high-precision needle valves are used. These valves allow fine adjustment of the flow rate

Pressure & Temperature compensated

In contrast to variable area flow meters, the digital mass flow devices are insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
Full scale freely selectable Body Size ¼” from 0 … 25 mln/min to 0 … 60 ln/min (from 0 … 27 SCCM to 0 … 64 SLPM)
Body Size ½” from 0 … 60 ln/min to 0 … 450 ln/min (from 0 … 65 SLPM to 0 … 480 SLPM)
Media (real gas calibration) Air, O2*, N2*, He, Ar, CO2, H2, CH4, C3H8 (other gases and gas mixtures on request)
*O2 & N2 are calibrated with air
Accuracy (air & equivalents) Eco: ± 2.0% of full scale; ranges > 200 ln/min (200 SLPM) ± 3.0% of full scale
Special: ± 1.0% of full scale up to 50 ln/min (50 SLPM)
Turndown ratio Eco: 1 : 50
Special: 1 : 100
Response time Max. 300 msec (depending on filter settings)
Flow update by sensor 40 msec (battery mode 500 msec)
Display update 240 msec (battery mode 500 msec)
Repeatability ± 0.5% of full scale
Longterm stability < 1% of measured value / year
Power supply Meter & Regulator Standard AA battery (lifetime in months depending on operation) or
Micro-USB power supply (DIN 62684)
Option: External power +8…30 Vdc (power consumption max. 120mA)
Power supply Switch & All-in External power +8…30 Vdc (power consumption max. 300mA) or
Micro-USB power supply (DIN 62684)
Operation pressure 0.2 – 11 bara (3 – 160 psia)
Temperature (environment/gas) 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)
Body Materials Anodized aluminium, optional stainless steel electropolished
Seals FKM, optional EPDM (FDA)
Pressure sensitivity < 0.2% / bar (<0.014% / psi) of reading (typical N2)
Temperature sensitivity < 0.025% FS measuring range type per 1°C (<0.012% FS per 1°F)
Warm-up time < 1 sec. for full accuracy
Display Touch display (128×64 px) with automatic position adjustment (position sensor)
Backlighted only with external power supply (Micro-USB or 24 Vdc)
Process connection G¼” (BSPP* female) up to 60 ln/min (64 SLPM)
G½” (BSPP* female) up to 450 ln/min (480 SLPM)
*British Standard Pipe Parallel
Inlet section None required
Mounting orientation Any position (consult manufacturer above 5 bar or vertical mounting)
Connection cable For external power supply and alarm module: 2 m (6.5 ft) with loose ends
Test pressure 16 bara (240 psia)
Leak rate < 1 x 10-6 mbar l/s He
Environmental protection IP50  (conforms to NEMA 1)
EMC EN 61326-1