iLOK Flash Cartridges

Product Code: VEL00583

sepaflash iLOK1iLOK® Series

SepaFlash® iLOK® flash cartridges offer users convenience for manual assembly, allowing for a flexible sample loading method: solid load and direct liquid injection. The series is offered in two formats: iLOK® flash cartridge pre-packed with ultra-pure silica gel (40–63 µm, 60 Å) and iLOK® empty solid load cartridge with frits, screw cap, O-ring and end tips allowing you to stack columns.

  • Standard Luer-Lok end fittings allow for quick, easy connection to flash system
  • Innovative column design convenient for manual assembly and column stacking
  • Available in wide range of cartridge sizes for any situation
  • Reinforced cartridge body with maximum operating pressure up to 200 psi


Ordering Information

iLOK® Flash Cartridges (pre-packed, Silica, 40–63 µm, 60 Å) :

(Surface area 500 m2/g, pH 6.5-7.5, Loading capacity 0.1-10%)

Item Number Description Units/Box Sample Size(g)

Flow Rate


Max. Pressure


SD-5101-004 Silica flash cartridge, 4 g 20 4 mg–0.4 g 15–40 200/13.8
SD-5101-012 Silica flash cartridge, 12 g 18 12 mg–1.2 g 30–60 200/13.8
SD-5101-025 Silica flash cartridge, 25 g 12 25 mg–2.5 g 30–60 200/13.8
SD-5101-040 Silica flash cartridge, 40 g 12 40 mg–4.0 g 40–70 200/13.8
SD-5101-060 Silica flash cartridge, 60 g 12 60 mg–6.0 g 60-150 200/13.8
SD-5101-080 Silica flash cartridge, 80 g 10 80 mg–8.0 g 50–100 200/13.8
SD-5101-100 Silica flash cartridge, 100 g 6 100 mg–10 g 80–220 150/10.3
SD-5101-120 Silica flash cartridge, 120 g 10 120 mg–12 g 60–150 200/13.8
SD-5101-220 Silica flash cartridge, 220 g 6 220 mg–22 g 80–220 150/10.3
SD-5101-330 Silica flash cartridge, 330 g 5 330 mg–33 g 80–220 150/10.3

Compatible with all flash chromatography systems, for example ISCO, Biotage, Yamazen, etc.


iLOK® Empty Solid Load Cartridges:

(iLOK® empty solid load cartridge with screw cap, frits, disbursing unit, O-ring and end tips)

Item Number Description Units/Box

Max. Pressure


SD-0000-004 empty solid load cartridge, 4g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-012 empty solid load cartridge, 12g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-025 empty solid load cartridge, 25g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-040 empty solid load cartridge, 40g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-060 empty solid load cartridge, 60g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-080 empty solid load cartridge, 80g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-100 empty solid load cartridge, 100g optional 150/10.3
SD-0000-120 empty solid load cartridge, 120g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-220 empty solid load cartridge, 220g optional 150/10.3
SD-0000-330 empty solid load cartridge, 330g optional 150/10.3

Compatible with all flash chromatography systems, for example ISCO, Biotage, Yamazen, etc.